Information Arius Blaze was born in Poetland Orgone; an artist with an emphasis in sound - taken with the belief, in fact, that he and most everything else is composed entirely of sound. He is also taken with the concept of bypassed technology and that, as technology progresses, there are hundreds of gaps that will need to be filled in - things to do with cassette tape, vinyl records and a fair amount of Bakelite and fine aged wood. As he strides fourth, he is, as it were, taking simultaneous leaps backwards. Arius Blaze ariusblaze@gmail.com

Film works

A first feature (Permeation is set to be released in 2017 with a number of short films in the works as well. ¬†Arius’ works tend to deal with realism and hyper-realism.

Permeationthe movie
Writer, director, composer, cinematographer. Starring Jeffrey Arrington. The story of a man who gets lost in the written word.
Escape/Returnshort film
Escape/Return. Writer, director, cinematographer. Starring Nadir Muhammad with Chloe-Alexis Hennessy. A minimal realist short film about struggle and drive which is intended to be left to interpretation.